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The US Air Force Civil Engineer (CE) Playbooks web app is designed to improve, standardize, and implement CE processes across a dispersed workforce.

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Here's what the community is saying about CE Playbooks

Our vision is to innovate and create playbooks that inspire the CE enterprise to value playbook content and encourage peer-to-peer collaboration and shared best practices within the CE function.

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I don’t feel anxiety or distraction [within the CE Playbooks website]; normally with things that you look at with the DoD, there is so much information almost regurgitated on the screen –its difficult to sift through, but I would say its [the CEwebsite] is simpler and pleasant to look at visually.

-Focus Group Participant

Playbooks played a pivotal role in executing end of year requirements.

-Project Execution Playbook Rating

Great content & Good source of Info. I suggest everyone who start working in CEOE must read the playbook first.

-Operations Engineering Playbook Rating

Putting in username and password was easy and I didn’t have to use a CAC card which is the best thing ever.

-Focus Group Participant

I rely on playbooks fairly extensively, certainly consistently, to make sure we are trying to keep up with what the enterprise is moving towards.

-Focus Group Participant

The interface is intuitive. It is very easy to find information if you have some basic knowledge of how CE functions.

-Site Feedback

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